Discover our new Disney fabrics now.

Discover our new Disney fabrics now.

Discover our new Disney fabrics now.

Is your little one crazy about Disney characters? Give him a nice gift by opting for a personalized comforter, a baby blanket, a Disney pacifier clip or one of our other baby creations.

Everything is handmade in our workshops in Belgium, personalization of your items available so take advantage of it quickly!

Demand Is Strong, Don't Expect Too Much!

Cotton fabrics printed with Disney theme are highly demanded and sought after for different baby items. Our fabric stock is renewed regularly but as you can imagine, Disney fabrics sell out quickly.

About Cotton Fabrics Available At CalinCaline.Be

The printed cotton fabrics offered on CalinCaline have been made with superior quality cotton and can be used for making clothes, fancy cushions, bed sheets and even curtains.

Cotton is the most produced natural fiber and the most used material in the world for making various garments.

Being a hypoallergenic, light, soft and pleasant fiber, cotton is perfectly suited for our handmade baby items!


We offer the following Disney fabrics until stock is exhausted or renewed:

  • Baby Mary from the Aristocats colorful
  • Baby Mickey and Minnie
  • Lady and the Tramp beige
  • Pale pink care bears
  • blue cinderella
  • Dumbo light pink
  • Dumbo green
  • green tinkerbell
  • Green Gryffindor
  • Blue Harry Potter
  • The Lion King
  • Mary of the Aristocats pink
  • Mickey light blue
  • blue and white mickey mouse
  • Minie Mouse with rainbows
  • Minnie Mouse light pink
  • Blue Snow Queen Olaf
  • Green Bambi Thumper
  • Star Wars Yoda beige
  • Star Wars Yoda White
  • Tic and Tac
  • Tom and Jerry Baby
  • Winnie the Pooh with clouds
  • Winnie The White Pooh

At CalinCaline.Be We Are Already Offering You 10% Discount On Your First Order, So Take Advantage Of It Quickly!

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