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Cotton fabric:

The printed cotton fabrics offered on CalinCaline have been made with superior quality cotton and can be used for making clothes, fancy cushions, bed sheets and even curtains.

Cotton is the most produced natural fiber and the most used material in the world for making various garments.

Being a hypoallergenic, light, soft and pleasant fiber, cotton is perfectly suited for our handmade baby items!

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Examples of printed cotton fabrics

Microfiber fabric:

Microfiber is a textile fiber of synthetic origin (100% polyester). It is a material permeable to water and on the contrary impermeable to air. It ensures rapid absorption and drying.

With a flexible material, microfiber is suitable for making clothes including lingerie, all-purpose baby items, various decorations or maintenance and cleaning items.

We use this yarn in baby clothing because it produces very soft and quality fabrics!

Examples of our microfiber fabrics

Minky fabric:

The 100% polyester Minky (Minkee) fabric is a "plush" fabric with extra-short pile of extreme softness. Ideal for baby items such as blankets, comforters, sweaters, pajamas etc...

This fabric made of microfibers gives the effect of very short and incredibly soft fur for your baby.

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Examples of minky fabrics

Fleece Fabric:

Cotton fleece is the natural variant of fleece since it consists of at least 80% cotton and is therefore the ideal fabric for the sensitive skin of babies and children.

Fleece fabric is a thick fabric with a texture reminiscent of hair. It has properties comparable to those of wool.

Dense, warm and incredibly soft, it makes you want to snuggle up in it as often as possible. Fleece fabric is one of the most used fabrics for baby creations.

Examples of fleece fabrics

Double Gauze Fabric:

Cotton muslin fabric is a double layer fabric. This double cotton gauze has a crumpled appearance which gives it a great effect and has been used in the past mainly for the creation of bibs and ecru fabrics.

Cotton gauze is not only suitable for sewing baby and children's toys, but also for fashion in general.

Examples of double gauze fabrics


Licensed Cotton Fabric:

Our licensed themed fabrics are 100% Oeko Tex cotton for a pleasant and comfortable feel. We have selected fabrics with Disney characters and popular cartoons to create your cuddly toy, hat or any other item offered in our store in the desired theme.

Our creations are not licensed products. They can be created and/or personalized with Disney or other licensed fabric. Our company, CalinCaline, is not affiliated or associated with Disney. Resale to a third party not authorized.

Discover our themed fabrics without further delay.

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Examples of themed printed cotton fabrics

Cotton Jersey Fabric:

Cotton jersey is a fine wool knit which, light and flexible, has stitches only on the place. Jersey is a natural textile while cotton is a vegetable textile fiber that wraps the seeds of the cotton plant.

Jersey is the material used to make T-shirts, leggings, dresses, sweatshirts, etc. It is a knitted fabric which therefore has the particularity of being stretchy and is perfectly suited for our personalized creations for babies.

Examples of printed cotton jersey

Oeko-Tex certified fabrics:

The OEKO-TEX® system helps to quickly identify and eliminate potential sources of problem substances at every stage of processing. As soon as a textile product undergoes further processing or a change in its chemical composition occurs, a control is necessary.

Each manufacturer must renew its certificate each year. By choosing Oeko-Tex bed linen, you can therefore be reassured: the certified fabrics respect your skin and your health.

Our fabrics are therefore perfectly suited for our handmade baby items!