Collection: Comforter for baby boy

Discover our brand new collection of personalized comforters for babies. 

An essential element of the birth kit, the cuddly toy accompanies infants from their first days.

Beneath its air of adorable little character, the baby comforter will play an essential role in the emotional development of your child. Carrying the familiar smells of home, Mom and Dad, the cuddly toy has a very strong symbolic value that will reassure your baby, allowing him to meet the outside world.

Give your little darling a cuddly toy personalized with his first name. We do the embroideries in our workshops in Belgium for the most careful customization so that baby can fall asleep peacefully. Thanks to its embroidered first name, the comforter will always find its owner!

Are you looking for an original cuddly toy for baby?

A very original, practical and sweet customizable birth gift, which will evoke all of your child's childhood memories when he is older, that's what we offer you at CalinCaline!

Indeed, you can personalize the cuddly toy for your baby by choosing different elements so that it is perfect for your toddler and for you!

  • Choose the printed fabric for the theme of your comforter
  • Choose the color of fleece or minky fabric for the softness of the comforter
  • Choosing the font for the baby's name
  • Choice of a handwritten capital letter or not for the child's first name
  • Choice of the color of the embroidery of the baby's name on the comforter
  • Add your baby's name to complete the setup

From the personalized comforter to the terrycloth bib with disney theme going through our baby blankets, unique or personalized, without forgetting our sets for babies and our new items, you will find what you are looking for at CalinCaline.

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