Stitch Printed Cotton fabrics available

Stitch Printed Cotton fabrics available

Good news, Lilo and Stitch have finally arrived!

You asked for them, they arrived 😍😍😍
Now on our site, printed cotton fabrics Lilo and Stitch without forgetting Angel 💙💚💛
You will now be able to choose these fabrics when customizing the following items: 
  • Personalized baby tooth pillow
  • Personalized reading pillow
  • Disney themed baby blanket
  • Personalized baby blanket
  • Personalized classic comforter
  • Personalized Rabbit comforter
  • Personalized Fleece Comforter
  • Personalized baby notebook cover
  • Disney themed notebook cover

Limited quantities!

    Here are the different new options available:







    Take advantage of it quickly to create your personalized baby items for your toddler or as the perfect idea for a birth gift.

    Happy shopping on!

    See all our fabrics here.


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