New cotton terry for bath towel

New cotton terry for bath towel

Yippee! We have brought in new terry cotton colors for your bath cape personalized child.

You can now opt for all the following terry colours: 

  • old rose
  • Aqua
  • Beige
  • Sky blue
  • Brown
  • Camel
  • Light gray
  • Emerald green
  • Mint green
  • Old mauve
  • Jeans (new)
  • Fuchsia (new)
  • Ecru (new)

How to compose my personalized children's bath cape?

It's super simple, just follow the setup steps as described below.

  • Choose the desired fabric for the hood
  • Choose the color of the terry cotton of the cape
  • Add your child's first name embroidered on the cape
  • Choose the character to embroider on the cape
  • Choose the color for the embroidered first name

Optional : washcloth matching the bath cape!

About terry cloth

Terry cloth is a woven fabric with long loops that can absorb large amounts of water. This quality double loop terry cloth contains no stretch and is comfortable to the touch, full and soft. Putting the terry cloth in the dryer will make it even softer.

Terry cloth is therefore ideal for make a bathrobe, a towel, a changing mat, a bath towel or a bath cape for baby.

Good shopping !

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