Enjoy 5% discount on your orders

Enjoy 5% discount on your orders

Enjoy 5% off your orders all month of May!

Okay, May 1 had the bad idea to fall on a Sunday this year, the boor. But we still have Ascension Thursday (with a small or large bridge for the lucky ones) and Whit Monday.

At least two more days to enjoy family, friends or simply cocoon in peace, we can't say no. Especially if you can enjoy a ray of sunshine!

We Do What We Please!

If we stick to the popular adage, this is the perfect month to do as we please.

If, originally, this belief mainly concerned clothing, we agree to broaden the field of possibilities a little and say that the month of May is the perfect month to think a little about yourself and treat yourself to a little guilt-free pleasure: a massage, a weekend by the sea, a restaurant with friends... 

At CalinCaline.Be We Are Already Offering You A 5% Discount On Your Orders Placed In May, So Take Advantage Of It Quickly!

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