Personalize your MAM pacifier with a first name

Personalize your MAM pacifier with a first name

Discover our range of MAM Pure pacifiers for babies, to be personalized with your little one's first name.

Easily accepted by babies, for a familiar and comfortable feeling.
Our pure MAM pacifiers are available in various sizes and colors so take advantage of them!

MAM's first climate-neutral pacifier - The shield and button are made from safe and durable bio-based materials. The suction cup part is made of MAM SkinSoft silicone, which is instinctively accepted by babies.

Tooth-friendly design - MAM pacifiers are developed in collaboration with dentists. Thanks to the narrow, symmetrical teat neck, these silicone teats are very tooth-friendly.

Skin-friendly form - The curved shape offers maximum comfort and thanks to the large ventilation holes and studs on the inside, the MAM Original Pure silicone teat is extra gentle on baby's sensitive skin.

Convenient pacifier button - Babies can use the button to grab the pacifier quickly and easily. A pacifier cord can also be attached to the button.

With dummy box – In the sterilization and transport box, the teats can be sterilized easily and quickly in the microwave without additional equipment, saving 77% CO₂, energy and water.
openings and its unique MAM holes on the inside. 

The pacifiers are supplied in a practical transport and sterilization box allowing quick and easy microwave sterilization in 3 minutes.

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