New: The personalized baby backpack

New: The personalized baby backpack

At CalinCaline we now offer personalized baby backpacks for your little one.

Whether for those first days at the crèche or for the start of the school year, our personalized baby bags will be the ideal gift for your child or to offer as a birth gift.

You can choose the cotton fabrics to use, the colors of the minky fabrics, the type of embroidery and the color of your toddler's first name to add to the item. 

Discover them quickly here !

personalized baby backpack personalized baby backpackpersonalized baby backpackpersonalized baby backpack

The ideal companion for nursery or school!

The CalinCaline baby backpack is designed for the little ones, both for the crèche and for the start of the school year.

You can very easily insert his little snack, the cuddly toy, the change, the pacifier clip and even his notebook.

The baby bag opens and closes with magnetic pressure, is equipped with a coat hanger and colored suspenders which are adjustable by straps and buckles.

The embossed interior is both pretty, functional and very comfortable for storing baby's things. 


All our creations are handmade, each model is unique. The fabrics and colors are chosen for their beauty and their Oeko-tex certified quality.

How to compose my personalized backpack?

To order your personalized baby backpack At CalinCaline, nothing could be simpler, you just have to follow the steps of our configurator and you're done!


  1. Choose the personalized baby bag for for boys or for For girls
  2. Choose your printed cotton fabric from over 60 Oeko Tex certified models
  3. Choose your comfortable cotton minky from our different available colors
  4. Choose the color of straps you want
  5. Choose the font of the baby's name on the cover
  6. Choose the thread color to embroider the baby's name from over 40 colors
  7. Add your baby's name in the box provided


Once these steps have been completed, the product configurator will be validated and you can easily place the order for your personalized baby backpack.

Good shopping !


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