Personalized Disney comforters available now.

Personalized Disney comforters available now.

Discover all our range of comforters Disney for babies and children, personalized with your little one's first name.

In search of ideal birth gift or the faithful companion to accompany your little one in all his adventures?

Opt for a Disney comforter custom, you have the choice between the following themes:

  • Angel large model
  • Baby Bambi
  • Baby Eeyore
  • Baby Dumbo the Elephant
  • Baby Marie from the Aristocats
  • Baby Thumper the Rabbit
  • Baby Simba from The Lion King
  • Baby Stitch
  • Dumbo the elephant large model
  • Leroy large model
  • Mickey large model
  • phosphorescent mickey
  • Minnie large model
  • phosphorescent minnie
  • Stitch large model
  • winnie the pooh glow in the dark
  • Winnie the Pooh large model

Stock and list subject to change.

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